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Clue Comic Will Pay Tribute to the Classic Movie With Three Different Endings

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A new comic book series based on Clue, the classic “whodunnit” board game turned comedy movie, will be sparking mystery as soon as it hits the shelves.

The Clue comic book series was announced today at Emerald City Comic Con. Writer Paul Allor and artist Nelson Dániel will be giving a modern update to the iconic Hasbro game. The characters are more diverse this time around, including the addition of relative newcomer Miss Orchid, as well as a brand-new character. Plus, Mrs. White is getting a major promotion—she’s no longer a maid, she’s now Senator White, and she doesn’t take any shit from anybody.


The coolest feature has to be how the comic book series is paying tribute to the 1985 Tim Curry film, which had three different endings when it was originally shown in the theaters. The first issue of the comic book will likewise feature three alternate endings. That means readers won’t have any idea who committed the crime until the final page. But that’s not the only thing the creators have up their sleeves; on Twitter, Allor promised even more craziness later on, saying the ending’s going to be “something else.”

The Clue comic book series launches in June.

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