Clueful: Know Which Apps Are Messing With Your Data

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Remember earlier this year when it was revealed that Path was snooping into the iPhone contacts? News followed after that debacle that revealed many apps were doing the same thing. But might you still have apps installed that are sniffing out your data without permission? Clueful will tell you.

What does it do?

It works as a sort of private eye, telling you what dirty deeds your apps are doing behind your back. If one is following your location without your knowledge, looking at your ad tracking, address book, or browser history, it will tell you so you can change your settings or delete it.


Why do we like it?

Even before you have downloaded an app, you can use Clueful to get all the intel you need. You can find out if it taps into your contacts, if it has malware, if it is tracking you, etc. Basically it helps you keep your stuff secure, and it's worth the $4 to know exactly what you're installing on your iPhone. [TechCrunch]



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