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"Clueless For Vampires" Will Save Us From Twilight's Fey Vampires

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In the midst of a vampire-movie flood, there's one film we're very excited about: Amy Heckerling's Vamps. Besides bringing back Heckerling's partnership with Alicia Silverstone, it sounds pretty clever clever according to what the lead, Krysten Ritter, told us. Spoilers...

We caught up with the hilarious Krysten Ritter at the roundtables for her up-and-coming film She's Out of My League, out March 12th. While her fangs were closed on Heckerling's new material we managed to get a little bit out of her on her Vamps flick.


It's been a lot fun watching the characters you've picked over the years, so what was it about your character in Amy Heckerling's Vamps that appealed to you?

Well, I love Amy Heckerling. I love her tone and her quality and how she's able to create a whole language. So I met her, in general, as a fan I read her script and I really liked it, I met her over a year ago. And finally was able to convince them to give it to me.


No one knows anything about your character, can you fill us in a little?

It's about two girls who are vampires, living in New York. And then life happens and they have to question their immortality.

Are they going to give you some cool teeth?

Yes! When I got the part, it was my first day starting the TV show Gravity. When my agents called, I thought something bad was going to happen, there were like four of them on the phone call. I asked, "Is everything okay?" It was my first day on the job — am I fired? What's going on? And they said they had the offer for the lead in Vamps. I was freaking out, screaming on the street. And the hair and make up people were big special effects people, they did everything on Sopranos, and they plucked on some teeth for me. And that's how I celebrated the role.


I can't wait it's going to be fun. It's also something where my physical appearance is going to help me because I'm pale and have black hair and I get to stay that way. Which is always nice.

Are you going to play the typical vampire type, standing in shadows and brooding?


No. Absolutely not. It's not like any of the other vampire movies... I... I don't know what I'm allowed to say. [Jokingly] It's Clueless for vampires. No, no. I don't want to give away a major plot point, but it's not your typical vampire movie.

Are you a fan of vampire movies?

I loved Interview With A Vampire. Twilight, I haven't seen, ever. I've kind of always wanted to play a vampire... Oh, True Blood yeah, I'm a hooker for True Blood. Every Sunday I'm like "when's it on?" It's so titillating.


So now we know they will have fangs, and the vampires won't talk like moody 16-year-old boys. Can't wait to see what type of slang Heckerling comes up with for those long in tooth.