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You know what there's not enough of in the world? Coffee mugs with integrated digital photo frames. (If you answered clean water, peace or medical care, thanks for playing, idiot.)


The Digi-Mug is packed with 1MB of memory (not a typo) that allows you to store 50 or so images for playback on its 1.5-inch display. With a lithium ion rechargeable battery, you can view your loved ones (or just a simple clock) to your heart's content.

I know you think that your Valentine would like jewelry, but trust us on this one—load this baby up with 50 photos of yourself (clothed) and she'll associate the experience of getting her caffeine fix to seeing your face. At best, she'll unconsciously associate you with a coke dealer. At worst, you'll put off a Starbucks employee vibe. Either way, you will make her totally dependent on you when she's at her most ornery. You're welcome. [Urban Trend via Nerd Approved]


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