After Jon Stewart trashed Black Friday, talking about his C-3PO and Lego Millennium Falcon, Stephen Colbert strikes back brandishing a lightsaber against the curator of the National Toy Hall of Fame. The reason: A wood stick.

Last month, Christopher Bench inducted a stick into the National Toy of Fame. Yes. A wooden stick. The kind of sticks that grow on trees, which is probably the oldest tool/gadget/toy ever invented by humans. And certainly, the most basic toy one can have. And totally free, perfect for the recession.


Colbert doesn't agree:

Wrong! Free is never the perfect price! Retailers depend on holiday toy sales but thanks to Mr. Bench here, parents are gonna realize that sticks literally grow on trees. He makes me so mad I want to poke him in the eye, with not a stick, but a Star Wars Force FX authentic replica lightsaber. (Waves lightsaber around.) Just $79.99!

Yeah. We agree with him. Screw the kids' imagination. We want toys that do pew-pew! [Star Wars Blog]

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