Colombian man is holding a census for ghosts

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Undertaker William Betancur's a man with a mission. His quest? To catalog the entire population of specters, apparitions, and poltergeists in the Colombian city of Medellin. So far 215 ghosts have been cataloged and 23 were photographed or recorded.

Betancur embarked on this project after he sensed his ghostly dog wandering around his funeral parlor. He told AFP:

It's beyond question that many of the city's buildings and homes have ghosts. For years, we've heard stories about them and we thought the time had come to approach, catalog and classify them through a census [...Tipsters] just have to phone or email us ( and depending on their physical manifestation — noises, sparkling light shows or images — that's how they'll be classified.


Some of you may scoff at Betancur's project, but I think this is a great idea. Ecto sapiens are regularly ignored by census takers and perpetually disenfranchised in the public sphere. It's about time somebody stood up for their postmortem rights.


Bottom photo: AFP