Comcast Tech Falls Asleep On Guy's Couch

Everyone here shares Brian's disdain for cable internet companies, and we found just the video to express why.


A Comcast technician came over to a man's house to repair a faulty cable modem (one of two) after missing three appointments. The tech ten spent an hour on hold with Comcast's central office and then fell asleep on the guy's couch. Is there any more perfect scenario to highlight the unprofessionalism of both the repair guy and the central office?

Thanks Patrick!



I on the other hand, had my "threesome" hooked up 10/4/06, & have tried ever since to give an "Atta-Boy" to the tech. Getting passed around to one department after another, & never getting to speak to a Supervisor or Manager. Seems the company only wants to hear the crazy stuff, not the good stuff