Come to the Mother of All Shooting Challenges' NYC Gallery Event


Well, it's time to bid adieu to our fun and photo-filled Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge. In case you were keeping score, we brought you six incredible photographers, six mystery locations, six shooting styles, and six totally free Intel-Inspired Ultrabooks™. But before we say goodbye, we'd like to leave you with this supercut of our photographers' adventures and their experiences with the Ultrabook™. So hit "play," and catch up with all of the models, fast cars, rock stars, competitive gamers, and ballplayers swinging for the fences under the lights on a hot summer night — aka, the perfect Shooting Challenge subjects.


Of course, thanks to Intel for digging up six Ultrabooks™ to give away to you readers. And thanks to everybody who took a stab at guessing a mystery city, visited the comments to quiz our featured photographers, and hung in there for our whirlwind, globe-spanning field trip.

And a very special thanks to Steven, Taylor, Diana, Douglas, Ryan, and Scott for traveling around the world and stepping up to our challenges while waving the Gizmodo flag.

Head here to see all of their amazing shots and behind-the scenes videos from each shoot.

But wait! I lied! The Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge is not over. Photos and videos from all six challenges will be on display in New York City. Drop by 329 Broome Street in Lower Manhattan on November 15 (11 AM to 6 PM) to check them out, as well as try out the Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ for yourself. Oh, and did I mention there's another chance to win one?

Here's how: From November 12 to November 19, snap a photo of anything that inspires you where you live. Instagram your image along with #mycity and #instaderby (the awesome service that lets you discover, connect, and compete with other Instagrammers) for a chance to enter your best shot, which will be voted on by oglers at the NYC Shooting Challenge gallery. If your shot receives the most votes, the Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ is yours.

See you at the gallery... I'll be in the photobooth recreating the Shooting Challenge magic. When it's your turn, just remember to hashtag all your Instagrams #ultrabookspotted so you can take home the Instaprints for posterity.


Seth Porges is a New York-based writer, editor, on-air commentator, and entrepreneur.