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Comic Book Store Thief Caught By Spiderman

Illustration for article titled Comic Book Store Thief Caught By Spiderman

Some guy decided to interpret International Free Comic Day as Steal Anything You Want From A Comic Book Store Day. Thankfully Spiderman, some Jedi Knights, Flash, and other costumed crime fighters set him straight.


Basically a fellow in Australia tried to walk out with a $160 X-Men comic book without paying while 40 or so superheroes surrounded him. Most of the folks were under the impression that it was a staged event to fit the theme and didn't event realize that they were dealing with a real thief until Spiderman, the store owner, asked someone to call the police. [The Sun]

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For once I'd like someone dressed like pinhead to grab a thief and drag him into the pits of hell. That'd be one hell of a story.