Coming Soon: Microsoft's Beefed-Up 720p LifeCam Cinema Webcam

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Looks like Microsoft's working on a snazzy new glass lens Webcam capable of 720p video at 30fps (in full 1280x720 resolution). Other features are expected to include 4x digital zoom, and a built-in noise-cancelling microphone.


The camera is made from aluminum and has a stand designed to work with both desktops and laptops. Pocket-link goes on to say that:

The LifeCam Cinema is of course compatible with Windows Live Messenger, but also with Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Photo Gallery. It's also compatible with Windows 7 out of the box, as well as Windows Vista and Windows XP.


We've seen 720p Webcams before but the video specs on this one look quite promising. The Lifecam Cinema is expected to be $80 when it hits stores on September 9. [via Pocket-Lint]

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Mark Pettersson

I know M$ get slated for copying apple allot of the timer, but seriously this looks like apples last webcam, and giving it a name like lifecam just makes it look like yet another copy from M$.

How can M$ conceder themselves leaders when all they do now is copy everyone else's products.

Steve Balmer is Gordon Brown.