Commercials Start Showing Up On the Xbox 360 Dashboard… Great

Here's something nobody wanted: commercials with sound showing up on the Xbox 360 dashboard. As you can see by this video, the ads show up in the normal content windows, but with sound when you scroll past. Annoying!

We've already been assaulted with ads in the 1 vs. 100 beta, which is annoying as it is. But I can avoid that if I just want to play normal games that I, you know, paid for. On the console I paid for, via the service I pay a yearly fee for.

It's not clear if this is showing up for everyone or just non-paying player, but if I start seeing ads on my Xbox when I'm paying for a service, I'm not going to be happy. You already are taking money from me, Microsoft. Don't push it.

Has anyone else seen these ads? Any Live Gold members, specifically? Let us know in the comments. [Kotaku]


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I've seen these for a couple of weeks. IMO, they are pretty easy to ignore because I rarely go down that tab anyway.

Don't annoy me at all to be honest.