Community goes FULL Brave New World and it is wonderful

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Last night Community unleashed all of the hard science fiction parodies. We have been waiting for this moment — we knew once Dan Harmon was done poking fun at Star Wars, action movies, zombie movies, horror movies and gangster films, eventually he would move on to weird dystopian films. And Community did not disappoint.

Here's the premise: Greendale is selected to beta test a new app called "Meow Meow Beanz" which is just a rating system that you hand you to people you're socially connected to. Like all things Greendale, it escalates quickly and the community college is transformed into a segmented dystopian society ranked by their Beanz. It's all very Aldous Huxley.


Check out a clip featuring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, and the forbidden love between a 2 and a 4. Which is complimented very nicely with the Logan's Run guard uniforms. Well Done.