Concrete Business Cards Are Impractical and Exquisite Works of Art

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A French creative agency, Murmure, has furnished its employees with some rather cumbersome, custom-cut and embossed concrete business cards.

The cards come each with its own built-to-scale wooden shipping pallet and can be kept from crumbling inside a miniature, protective black carrying case.

This material, so characteristic of our environment, was enhanced by using the smallest and most refined communicationsupport. The refinement and the technique required for the typography highlight the harshness and the roughness of the used material.


Handing these out would certainly make a lasting impression, just probably not a particularly favorable one. (Nothing like a fistful of rubble to make you feel lousy about the destroying a client's contact information.) Though it's difficult to imagine these are actually being used by the agency's employees. More of, heavy-handed campaign stunt. [Fubiz via BoingBoing]