Condom Dispensing "Don't Panic" Button For Emergencies

Illustration for article titled Condom Dispensing "Don't Panic" Button For Emergencies

Everyone loves a good panic button, and what bigger emergency is there than being condomless when you find a woman that actually wants to have sex with you? Relax, this condom dispensing "Don't Panic" button has your back. Well, it would if it actually existed. Unfortunately, it is currently in the concept phase. [Designspotter]

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@dysthymia: I will agree that I am rather picky about who I sleep with, and you are also correct that my condoms going past their expiration is due to my choice. Rather its more about circumstance than unrealistically high standards on my part. My last serious relationship ended when I lost the gentleman to cancer and since I dont date co-workers, and dont do the bar thing my chances of meeting someone new are somewhat limited now. If it will make you happy, howver, and save the life of helpless condoms everywhere, I will try to broaden my social scope. Any suggestions where I might start, other than the condom section of my local drug store? Thank you for your concern. ;)