Confessions of an Electronics Junk Collector

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Some of it I really do plan to use. Some of it I can't even identify. Hi. My name is Vin and I'm an addict. I can't stop buying electronic junk.


I know it's only filling up bins in my shop and taking money I could be pouring into more productive hobbies, like drinking and shooting guns. But what if the completion of some future project, some really crucial bit of hijinks, hinges entirely on my having a switch designed to discharge massive capacitors? Then what what, huh?

Am I supposed to just assume my local Radio Shack will have my back? Not likely.

I was doing better, I really was, and then I visited the DeAnza flea market in Cupertino last year, and it all fell apart again. I don't know, maybe I'm beyond help. Check the photo gallery for some electronics-nerd eye candy, the detritus of my demon.

Illustration for article titled Confessions of an Electronics Junk Collector

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I have many of the same tendencies.

Granted, I am a girl so when my bf comes into my apartment he knows that there is going to be a clear drawer chest (chips, high end caps, knobs, resistors, battery cases) and about 6 trader-joe bags full of wire/drivers/switches/heatshrink/sleeving. Then add on a full 6ft work table covered with every screwdriver known to man in every size, two nice soldering stations, heat gun, dremel, hot plate, and another small rollable dresser filled with projects not yet finished (including a high end DAC, TOTL amplifier, speaker amp, two portable amps).

Oh yeah and I want a serious drill press as that is the only thing holding those projects not yet done. Its not like they really need to be either as I already have 4 amplifiers, 4 sets of speakers (one of which is surround), and 7 pairs of headphones on hand.

At least all of this is in its own special room, so it doesn't take over my life or end up being hoarding as I am only 23.