Control Your Smartphone—Not Your NES—With This Bluetooth Power Glove

It may not have been a runaway success for Nintendo, but a company called B.i.Tech is hoping there's still some interest in the Power Glove concept. Its BEARTek gloves wirelessly connect to your smartphone or MP3 player over Bluetooth providing full control of your device with simple fingertip taps.

A series of silver pads located on the glove's fingers interact with a pad on the thumb letting the wearer single-handedly adjust the volume, skip tracks, and answer or reject incoming calls on a connected device. It's not the first Bluetooth connected sportswear to hit the market, but the finger tap approach seems more streamlined than a set of traditional playback controls that have to be pressed with the other hand. As Nintendo once put it: "Everything else is child's play." And the hardware that powers the glove is a standalone module that can be easily swapped into other pairs which helps keep the cost reasonable. That is, if the company manages to get these into production since for the time being they only seem to be a fully developed concept.


[B.i.Tech via The Gadgeteer]

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