Controller Lock Keeps Your Paused FFXII Game Safe From Evildoers

Of all the things that you need to keep locked up and secure, how far down the list is your console gaming controller? Is it even on the list? Yeah, it's not on mine either. But hey, apparently some people are really concerned about their controllers getting used when they aren't around, and that necessitated a new product.

This thing snaps onto the thumbsticks of your PS2/3 controller and won't let go unless you know the super-secure, 3-digit combo. Or you could just take the controller with this thing attached and then smash it with a hammer once you get home. But I'm sure the idea of putting that much effort in will make potential controller thieves look elsewhere, right?


Peep another shot after the hop.

Interesting security device for portable game controller [Aving]

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