Cooking shouldn't be a game—or at least, not a fun one. And yet, here's the highly entertaining Cooking Mama on sale. Don't try to understand, just play the game. If you're interested in more traditional gaming, we have a car-racing game, chess, and a jetpack joyride, all in today's best app deals.


iOS: Cooking Mama - $4

This game has no business being as fun as it is. It's just... cooking. You chop vegetables with your fingers by tapping the screen. You mix ingredients. You knead dough. You're preparing food. That's it. That's the whole game. And yet, it's hours of fun and you can't put it down. Only the first 30,000 people will get this deal, which seems unfair. But, it's a fun game, so hurry up. Dropped from $7 to $4. [AppShopper]

iOS: Social Chess - Free

Maybe chess drove Bobby Fischer insane. Or maybe it kept him from going bonkers earlier in his life. If you want to stave off the effects of bonkers-itis, you should play more chess. Because you can't sit in a park all day with the pigeons, Social Chess is a nice way to play the Game of Kings while continuing to do whatever it is you do during the day. You can play up to 30 games at a time if you want. Just be wary of the Russians. Dropped from $1 to Free. [Appsylum]


iOS: Jetpack Joyride - Free

You'll finally get that jetpack you've been bitching about for the past 15 years. (Seriously, enough with the jetpacks. No one promised you a jetpack.) Jetpack Joyride is an addictively simple game where you take on evil scientists while flying around in a jetpack. Pick up coins to purchase new jetpacks, and make those scientists rue the day they allegedly promised us anything. Dropped from $1 to Free. [AppShopper]


Android: Raging Thunder 2 - $2


It's a car racing game. Pretty much like every other car racing game. You race on a few tracks. You'll use the turbo boost on the straights, and all the races seem to be at night. It's a formula that works so why change it? Raging Thunder 2 also includes multiplayer LAN and Internet mode. So you can race your friends wherever you can get online. Dropped from $5 to $2. [Apps-aholic]

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