Cool G108 Watch Phone Won't Make You Cool

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It's sad but true; wearing a watch phone isn't going to make you cool, not unless your name begins in "Dick" and ends in "Tracy." Nevertheless, the crew at Cool have put together the G108 watch phone to try and sway you. The G108 has a round face and a clamshell design; under the watch-face hood you'll get a 1.5-inch, 256k color display (128 x 60), circular RAZR-esque keypad and a 1.3MP camera.


If you'd feel like a bit of an idiot talking into your watch while making calls, Bluetooth functionality will allow you to hook up a headset to ease the embarrassment, (a little.) The cellphone itself is GSM quadband capable, has a built in media player and supports a media card so you can load up your tunes and snaps on removable media. Alternatively, you could purchase, oh, you know, a cellphone and watch as two independent items. Hey, we're just putting the idea out there. [Slashphone]

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Serolf Divad

Well, device convergence means that soon your cellphone, your PDA, your watch, your laptop, your desktop, your home 5.1 theatre, and your car will all fit on your wrist. The device will weight about sixteen pounds, and won't perform any of its functions particularly well, however you will be able to trip people out by commuting to work on one hand.