Cop Tasers Unconscious Diabetic 11 Times

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Chicago police officer Darren Pedota is at the center of a lawsuit filed by a diabetic man who was Tasered 11 times over the course of a minute while suffering from a diabetic seizure.


This isn't the first time an officer has found himself in a similar situation, although in many of those cases the police appeared to be unaware of the patients condition, and mistook the involuntary movements as an act of aggression. In this case however, Pedota was one of the cops called in with the EMT. The police were asked to help the paramedics move the patient off the floor when an involuntary movement of the arm struck one of the assisting individuals. That's when Pedota sprung into "action."

As you might expect, the man suffered injuries from the attack and has responded by suing the crap out of the department for battery, excessive force, and failure to intervene. Hope he wins. [Courthouse News via Fark]

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The 9th circuit court of appeals in California just totally ruled this kind of shit illegal: []

Hopefully this dumb shit will stop soon now that cops know they can't just taser people because they feel like it.