Cordless Number Pad for Laptops By Logitech

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OK people, I'm done talking about Logitech. But you have to admit, a wireless number pad—for those of us who don't own those big honkin' unmovable mobiles—is a pretty cool idea. I don't have a fact sheet or anything, but I can tell you it will cost $40. Is it worth $40? You tell me. Or better yet, how do you input numbers speedily on your laptop?


Logitech Coverage [Gizmodo]

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This is a good start.

For year's I've been begging ergo keyboard manufacturers (MS and Logitech) make ergo keyboards without the number pad as their standard board. Ergo boards are big enough to begin with, without adding that blasted number pad.

You spend your life reaching an extra six inches to get to the mouse (assuming you are right handed), which can't be good for the old rotator cuff. It seems more natural if the mouse were closer to the body, which requires the keyboard drop the extra keypad if its not required.

Let the consumer decide what to plug into their keyboard in place of the num pad. Have a USB port using some kind of standardized connector to "dock" whatever you want on the side of the keyboard.

If you'd rather plug in a number pad, great, you buy one and plug it in there. But if you prefer a track-ball roller-ball goes there instead, then you can swap out the number pad (or never buy it in the first place) and plug in the snap-in track-ball. Or if you are an avid gamer, then plug in your custom Borg-finger-pad that specially shaped to rapid-fire those macros used in CS.

Lego-like swap-ables for your keyboard.