Corsair's Flash Voyager GT: The World's Fastest 128GB USB Flash Drive

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Corsair, who seem to spend all their time finding speed records and then breaking them, announced their Flash Voyager GT USB flash drive at the droolworthy 128GB capacity. Even better, the speeds totally don't suck: 32MB/s and 25.6MB/s read/write, respectively.

The first 128GB USB flash drive we say, the Kingston Datatraveler 200, was mostly a proof of concept, with relatively slow read/write speeds of 20/10MB/s. It was also prohibitively expensive at nearly $550. Corsair's drive has the speed to be really enviable, and it comes in even cheaper than the Kingston drive. Note, however, that we didn't say it's affordable, at all—Newegg is selling it for $400. Still, it's pretty great to be able to carry around even a massive music collection in the change pocket of your jeans. [Corsair]