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Bike builder Tom Donhou—the namesake behind Britain's Donhou Bicycles—has a dream, and possibly a death wish. He wants to ride a pedal-powered bike up to 100 miles per hour, and he's hoping this somewhat ludicrous creation is the bicycle that will let him do it.


As far as bikes go Tom's creation is pretty run-of-the-mill—at least compared to other record setters that have used streamlined cockpits and expensive exotic building materials. This bike is made of steel and shares a similar triangle frame design to the millions used around the world. What does set it apart, though, is the dropped handlebars for improved aerodynamics, and of course the massive 17-inch 104-tooth chainring that looks ready to saw off Tom's legs.

The bike has already hit 60 miles per hour, and with the help of a lead vehicle that will minimize wind resistance ahead of him, Tom is confident he can hit 100 miles per hour on his creation. Of course whether or not his brakes will hold up at that speed is another question, but no one has ever really cared how quickly someone can stop. [Donhou via NPR via Damn Geeky]


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