Could This Possibly Be the New Kindle Fire?

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The Verge claims it's got its hands on an image of Amazon's new Kindle Fire being announced next week. We're dubious.


It's certainly possible, since we're almost certain that we'll see a new Kindle Fire, since the current Fire is sold out at Amazon. But gosh, that bezel looks weird (read: very possibly Photoshopped), and the camera placement is just bizarre for a 4:3(ish) tablet. Other tablets have similar placement, but they're generally 16:9 and meant to be held in landscape. Plus, it looks to be a different aspect ratio than the current Fire.

The 4:3ish aspect ratio could be due to the fact there's a rumored 10-inch Kindle Fire coming. But the keyboard is also drastically different from the current Kindle Fire's.

Everything, including the image quality, adds up to this seeming almost certainly fake. We probably wouldn't believe the image if we saw it randomly. But the Verge has a very good track record and seems really certain, staking a lot on the image. We'll let you know if anything else develops. [Verge]

Update: The Verge has updated its post to say that a second Amazon source has definitively stated that this is NOT the new Fire. As you were.



I'm not sure what's bizarre about the camera placement... that's where the camera is on the Evo View tablet, and it works much better than at the top. The thing is, most "easel" cases prop the tablet up on its side, so when you're using the tablet hands-free, such as for video chat, the camera will be in the right place - above the screen.