Could you survive being ejected from an airborne car? National Geographic investigates

Here's an exclusive clip from the National Geographic Channel's new show The Indestructibles, a program that tries to explain how the human body can survive (and completely recover from) otherwise fatal accidents.

Here's the synopsis of tonight's new episode "Flying Car Crash," which airs at 10:30 PM on NGC:

A normal morning in Ohio turns disastrous when a driver speeding down the highway loses control. The car barrels down the grassy median, collides with the guardrail and is instantly airborne. It slams into the center post of the overpass and explodes into thousands of small pieces. A nearby witness finds the bloodied and mangled body of 19-year-old Brennan Eden. Miraculously, he completely recovers. Eden has no memory of the accident and no idea of how he survived. But he is on a journey to find out how with the help of a stunt driving team and a crash investigator. Through a series of experiments that re-enact the crash, well uncover what caused the car to go airborne. Experts also reveal how Brennan survived the accident, which would have killed most drivers.



I live not far from where this occurred and it was all over the news at the time. Lets not forget that this dude is a punk that had just been arrested on drug related charges and released prior to this accident. He was with an underage girl at the time of his arrest doing God knows what.

He is not a person to be admired in any way.