Cox Cable May Adopt TiVo, Feed It, Take Care of It

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Subscribers of Cox Cable—you know who you are—may have recieved a questionnaire asking if they'd purchase a Cox-branded TiVo device. The questions alluded to the fact that Cox may be dumping their current DVRs and coming out with their own special TiVo boxes—HD-ready, hopefully.

Let's listen in, shall we?

As you may or may not know, Cox offers DVR service. The DVR is built into the Cox digital receiver box and is operated using a Cox digital service remote control. While Cox currently offers its own DVR service, the Cox DVR may soon be powered by TiVo, and include the features that TiVo owners have come to expect. If Cox were to offer digital cable service with a TiVo branded DVR for about the same price as you are currently paying for satellite service each month, how likely would you be to switch from satellite TV to Cox cable that featured this TiVo branded DVR service?


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