Crank Calls: Motorola PVOT

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Designer Andre Minoli has created the hand-cranked Motorola PVOT phone, aimed at developing countries. It gives up a minute of talk time for every 25 turns of the crank, giving new meaning to the term "crank calls." All that cranking charges up a AA battery inside, powering a 125x125 dot matrix LCD controlled by a futuristic-looking "Eraser Shield" keypad.

Minoli's Motorola PVOT is a great design not only for developing nations, but it could come in handy for us developed countries, too, as we wind our way through Peak Oil and into World War III. If the phone's durable enough, it might even last until World War IV, which will no doubt be fought with sticks and clubs.

Motorola PVOT [Andre Minoli, via Yanko Design]