Craziest Factory Spam Yet

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I am pleasure to know you from Internet! Forget Viagra! Forget software! Forget Rolex watches! You need bulletproof attack vehicle! Combined riot shield Explosive-proof blanket! Navy patrol boat! Blast prevention torch! Best regards, Mr. Frank.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleasure to know you from Internet !
If this email disturb you, Please ignore or delete ! Thanks !

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of life safety protection products from china,
We are looking for an importer/agent all over the world who would purchase our products.
Our leading products including:

1. Bulletproof series:
bulletproof cash-carrying car, bulletproof attack vehicle, bulletproof vest & plate, bulletproof helmet,
bulletproof glass (it can resist AK47 rifle), bulletproof door (It can resist AK47 rifle), bulletproof window etc.

2. Anti-riot series:
handcuffs, chemical protective clothing, cut proof clothing, stabproof vest, combined riot shield etc.

3. Explosion-proof series:
explosive-proof blanket, explosive-proof fence, bomb disposal suits,
explosives trace detector, drug/dynamite detector, explosive-proof glass etc.

4. Fireproof series:
fire helmet,fireproof blanket,fireproof glass, fireproof door,fireproof suits, high temperature resistant gloves etc.

5. Search and Rescue
police patrol vehicle, army/hunting vehicle, navy patrol boat, blast prevention torch, infrared imaging devices etc.

Our products can be used for police, prison, military, bank and Post Office (cash-transport vehicle),
fire department, VIP protection, Executive protection, Bodyguard, security Agencies, private detectives,
Patrol Teams, life safety consultancy, national security agencies, gun holder, government ministry of defence, army, anti terror work, law enforcement officer, special forces, anti-piracy patrol in the sea etc .

For further information about our products, kindly send a email to us,
We will offer our website and more detail for your reference as your request.

We are looking forward to receive your inquiry soon !
Best regards,
Mr. Frank (sale manager)