Crazy Android Keyboard App 8pen is Now Free

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A week of sales in Android's Market at $1.50 either went so well for 8pen that they could afford to give it away for free...or it was their only option due to lack of downloads.


I had a very brief play with it last week after I ran into Gizmodo reader Adrian on the train. Tracing various figure-8s on his Hero's screen wasn't the most intuitive way to type, I felt—and in fact, I struggled to string a single word together. Maybe a longer stab at it would've been more successful—some of you downloaded it last week and seemed to like it, but most said they would'nt replace Swype or SwiftKey with it.

Anyway, it's now free (and includes a long list of updates such as voice input, dictionary support and themes), so if you were hemming and hawing over paying a buck fifty (or 99p) for the app, have a go and let us know in the comments below. It works on any Android phone running 1.6 or higher. [8pen via Phandroid via EuroDroid]