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Creepshow Season 3 Has a Trailer, and It Looks Like a Scream

Shudder's popular horror anthology returns September 23 to the streaming service.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The banner art for Shudder's Creepshow season three features a ghoul holding a film reel.
Hail to the Creep!
Image: Shudder

Creepshow, Shudder’s anthology series inspired by the George A. Romero-Stephen King cult films, returns in just a few weeks—and the show, which is executive produced and showrun by Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead), has just unleashed its first season three trailer. Feast your eyes!

So many creatures, corpses, tentacles, glowing eyeballs, shrieking humans, and what looks a lot like a Ray Harryhausen homage there, with the sword-swinging skeleton! It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on among so many rapid-fire clips, but at this year’s virtual San Diego Comic-Con, Nicotero teased quite a bit about the six episodes, which tell two stories each. “We have a Joe Hill story called ‘Mums’ that ... Ethan Embry stars in. There’s a couple original stories; the story that James [Remar] stars in is called ‘Skeletons in the Closet’ about a prop collector who, as it turns out, is such a fanatical fan that he digs up skeletons that were used in movies to add to his prop collection.” There’s also “Meter Reader,” which Nicotero called “a little sort of nod to The Exorcist,” andThe Last Subaraya,” which is about an art dealer who discovers a rare painting and accidentally unleashes a demonic presence that was trapped inside it, as well as “Drug Traffic,” about a border patrol agent (played by Michael Rooker) who meets a literal monster on the job, and “Queen Bee,” about the very dark side of obsessive fandom.

Guest stars this season include Michael Rooker (The Suicide Squad), James Remar (Dexter), Johnathon Schaech (Legends of Tomorrow), Reid Scott (Venom), Hannah Fierman (V/H/S), King Bach (The Babysitter), and Ethan Embry (The Walking Dead). Creepshow season three arrives Thursday, September 23 on Shudder.

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