Cruella Isn't the Same as Joker, According to Emma Stone

Ms. de Vil makes an entrance.
Ms. de Vil makes an entrance.
Screenshot: Disney

When the Cruella trailer dropped in February, we were suddenly aware of the possibility that there could be a striking resemblance between a Disney villain origin story and a Batman villain origin story. But Emma Stone, who plays the stylish, dog-hating protagonist, says her movie and Joker aren’t all that alike.


“It’s very different from Joker in many ways,” the actor said in an interview with Total Film, though she went on to complement that film’s lead actor, Joaquin Phoenix, rather than delve further into why the films are dissimilar.

Cruella director Craig Gillespie did elaborate a little, however: “There are some really deep, emotional things that Cruella’s dealing with that send her to the villainous darker side. So in that sense, it is [similar],” he said. But he also added that “there’s a lot of absolutely delightful banter and rhythm to the style of it,” which is definitely not the tone taken by the grim, violent Joker.

We’ve seen evidence of Cruella’s sense of humor in its marketing—as well as the excellent, punk-influenced outfits the character will be wearing while exploring how a edgy fashionista’s path can lead her from a high-fashion runway to chasing down Dalmation puppies for the darkest possible purpose. We’ll get the full picture of this jokier Joker, except not Joker, when the movie comes out May 28, both in theaters and on Disney+ with the added cost of Premier Access.

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Ah, so it’s not going to suck then?