Crysis Warhead Ultra Optimized PC Comes with Face-Melting Specs... for $700?

Illustration for article titled Crysis Warhead Ultra Optimized PC Comes with Face-Melting Specs... for $700?

The guys at GameCyte are keyed up to try out Crysis Warhead on the Optimized PC, a Core 2 Duo E7300, GeForce 9800GT system built by Ultra and vetted by game developer Crytek to bring the game fully to life (and death). The clincher: It only costs $700. Since the GameCyte guys thought this was too good to be true, they started asking Ultra some uncomfortable questions. Fearing that the system came as a bag of components, they were relieved to hear that it was actually a fully built and tested system. Fearing a white-box scenario where you have to add on your own OS, they again were happy to hear it comes with Windows XP Pro installed with the latest service pack—though it doesn't appear the game comes in the bundle. Ultra claims that the Optimized PC will run Crysis Warhead at the highest DX9 setting, at 30 frames per second, and that the game was actually "fine tuned" to work with Nvidia 9800 GT video card. Pre-orders at start next week. Sounds like a sweet deal to me—even if you still have to buy the game and a monitor and speakers—but give me your thoughts... You buyin' this? [GameCyte]



its not a BAD deal. really people saying this is shit... what? what are you smoking?

of course, its not the most amazing thing ive ever heard either.

as to console vs. pc argument, PC > Console, or at least thats how it used to be before they started making these great games for the consoles. I havnt been wowed by a computer game since the turn of the millenium but there are numerous console games Ive been salivating over, Fallout 3? Mass Effect? Condmened 2? Bioshock? Oops brb gotta change.