Cupid's Double Umbrella

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When you're joined at the hip with another human being, it's always good to share. But when you have one umbrella and thousands of raindrops with which to cope, it's either one of you stays dry and the other gets wet, or both of you get damp. Solve that problem with Cupid's Double Umbrella ($32.18), letting you walk in the rain together with no compromises. How romantic.

We hate to be party poopers, but how on earth do you close it, and what does it look like when it's closed? Does it all fold up into a neat little package or does it end up looking like a pair of rabbit ears on that old black-and-white TV? You could poke an eye out with that thing.


Cupid's Double Umbrella [I Want One of Those, via Shiny Shiny]

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