Custom OLED Artwork Will Shame LED Picture Frames Into Extinction

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OLED displays are already something beautiful, but this unnamed Japanese company, spied at CES, has taken the technology and turned it into some truly awe-inspiring artwork.

The individual panels seen in the video actually line up to form a flowing scene. The effect is kind of cool, popping into place only when the cameraman views it at the right angle. There's also an elaborate fan toward the back of the booth that we glimpse momentarily, as well as a number of OLED flowers.

Like most things OLED, none of the stuff seen here is cheap. Purported asking price for the first piece is $100,000. The flowers go for a more modest $100 apiece.


Really, it's only a matter of time before society comes around to the idea of moving OLED artwork and something like this is sharing space in a museum with a da Vinci, don't you think? [OLED Info]