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Custom-Sized Condoms Are Better For Sex But Which Size Are You?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

95 sizes. Ninety-five different combinations of length and girth, people. Ordering these new fitted condoms, now legally available in Europe, using their order printable scale chart is fun.

Using a condom that isn't suited for your penis' size increases the possibilities of breakage and slippage, which in turn increases the possibility of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies. Thankfully, someone invented custom size condoms. It took more than two years, but now they are legally available... sadly only in Europe.


According to Joe Nelson, CEO of TheyFit, they are now legally available in Europe, approved by the European Union. Sadly, the FDA hasn't approved it yet. Nelson says they are working on it and, hopefully, they will get the green light soon.


Well, the FDA sucks, really, because research has demonstrated that current commercial condoms may bring bad consequences if they don't fit your penis correctly. In a study among 820 men, researchers found evidence that "fitted condoms may be valuable to sexually transmitted infection prevention effort." Also, they are way more comfortable, as you would expect. You just have to choose the right size.

So, if you know anyone in Europe, measure your penis using this TheyFit kit and get some. They do make a big difference. Or small one.