D-Link V-Click Dual-Mode WiFi-GSM Cell-Phone Dash-Dash

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The V-Click phone from D-Link is their first dual-mode soiree, which means it works both on your GSM cellphone network and on WiFi. It's going to be available in Q1 2007, and will have tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900) and 802.11 WiFi.

What does this matter to you? Well, if you're using a SIP VoIP provider like Gizmo Project or even rolling up your own Asterisk box, then this phone can connect to those whenever you're in WiFi range. The phone gets five hours of talk-time in GSM mode and two hours in WiFi mode—kinda puny.


And at a price of $599.99, thanks to the lack of carrier subsidy, we may have to wait until the second model.

Press Release [DLink via Laptop Mag]

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