D-Link's D-Life Manages All Your D-Link Hardware Online

Illustration for article titled D-Links D-Life Manages All Your D-Link Hardware Online

The Pitch: A website (www.d-life.com) that lets you register all your compatible D-Link equipment online via 2 product ID numbers in order to manage all that stuff in one interface. Just connect the product to your network and you can change settings via the website.
The Catch: This probably won't make it easier for your mother to manage a home network, but will make things slightly more convenient by merging all your equipment management sites. [D-Life]


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so uhhh.... does my 2000 (year) model D-link MP3 player w/a wopping 16 MB of storage act as a compliant device?? if it does.. i just might dig it out of the box i put it into a week after receiving it... if i can do something nifty w/it...

other than that... who cares.. i'll use wireless USB hubs and Sidewindow to make myself happy.