D-REX Pet Dinosaur Stalks Prey, Bites Your Sister, Doesn't Poop on the Floor

While weren't quite as blown away by D-REX as we were by Elmo Live—"jazz hands" killed our objective judgment—the level of interactivity is pretty impressive for what's supposed to be a dumb child's toy (the kid, not the 'bot). About the size of a small puppy, it behaves semi-autonomously, though it'll follow patterns you pick w/ the remote like guarding your room (if it detects a light change, it goes apeshit) and (cutely) responds to petting, calling and the like. I'm not quite sure it's worth $150 yet, but even in this beta stage, it's damn close, and the fall launch date leaves plenty of polish time.

This fall, Mattel adds a new category to its toy portfolio with the introduction of D-Rex, an interactive "pet" dinosaur for boys that boasts life-like movements, obeys commands, displays affection and protects its owner. Featuring "biomorphic robotics," a sub-discipline of robotics that focuses on emulating the mechanics, sensor systems and methodologies used by animals, D-Rex is unique in that it features advanced technology along with incredible life-like features, making "him" both a robot and an autonomous pet.

D-Rex has several features that bring him to life - he moves his eyes, wags his tail, responds to care and feeding, comes when called, and like any good pet, protects his owner and his prize possessions.

D-Rex celebrates traditional boys play patterns, while also infusing innovative technology to allow him to come to life and create a memorable "wow" moment for kids.


D-Rex is the ultimate pet for boys. A ferocious yet loyal dinosaur with an independent personality, D-Rex combines robotics, proprietary software and reptilian skin to create a life-like appearance and behavior. He walks around, chomps his jaw, bares his teeth and roars more than 100 different ways to let you know what he wants. D-Rex might demand food or want to play a game, and he'll hear your voice and respond to your touch. Like the ideal pet, D-Rex will protect his owner and his prize possessions.

ARP: $150.00 Age: 6+ Available: Fall 2008



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