Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop With .45 Because of Facebook Post

So this happened. It's a father reacting to a post his daughter made on Facebook. He wasn't happy. You can skip ahead to 7 minutes for the big reveal.


I'm not convinced this is real, but it's an interesting look at modern parenting. The link to a Facebook page that appears at the beginning of the video (and on YouTube) seems to have been taken down.

(Update: the post is live on Facebook again.)


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I agree with him being pissed at his ungrateful daughter but to shoot the laptop with a gun is a little extreme and makes me think he's got a little something wrong with him. I mean, he probably paid for the damn thing to begin with and from the video we know he spend about $130 upgrading it the day before. Why in the hell would you shoot it? There are other ways of taking it away from your daughter. How about wiping it and selling it or something.