Daft Punk - "Aerodynamic" (Moog Google Doodle Remix)

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We just can't get enough of the amazing Google Doodle paying homage to synth inventor Robert Moog, but Brett Domino takes the things to the next level with his rendition of Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic."

Amidst all of the hubbub about the Moog Google Doodle today, it's been easy to lose sight of Robert Moog's real legacy: Music. His synthesizers are seminal in all areas of music, ranging from wacky psychedelic jams to dance music. If you're like us, you fiddled around with Google's synth for a little while and thought to yourself, "oh wow gee, crazy sounds! Fun! Neat technology," and then proceeded with your search. This video's a great reminder that Moog synths are used every day—it's not just weird tech.


The video's also a testament to the quality of Google's programming. In the right hands, this Doodle's not just art—it's an instrument. Domino uses the Doodle's multitrack recording function to stack the son's different layers on top of each other, capturing the full swirl of Daft Punk's sound. [Reddit]