Yesterday we had one scary(ish) robot design, and here's another. Ok— not so scary, really, as all Daisy's slice'n'dice menace is just a sham. That huge propeller is simply a fiberglass copy of a cargo ship one. And all it does is flex and rotate its robot muscles, slowly. But it's massive, and it does have a built-in camera which allows it to track passers-by, and spin its blades at them as you can see in the video below.


Designed by Christian Moeller, the modded industrial robot arm is an installation artwork in Terminal 3 at Changi Airport, Singapore. Daisy's designed to "bring a smile to your face and a moment of comic relief to your trip." Or, of course, gentle sci-fi movie chills to your spine as you imagine it really gunning its motors and carving its bloody way into the news.

Considering the stressed-out rather than blissed-out state of mind of most people wandering through an airport terminal, I suspect more of the latter sensation goes on. [Bot Junkie and Dvice]