Dancers Instantly Swap Freaky Face Masks Using a Face-Tracking Projector

Costume-changes during a live performance are fast and frenetic, limiting how elaborate makeup and outfits can be. But for this performance by Japanese dance duo AyaBambi, a high-speed face-tracking projector was used to change their appearances while they performed, even creating the illusion of wearing masks that instantaneously appear over their faces.


Japanese studio WOW, led by Technical and Creative Director Nobumichi Asai, used the high-speed, 1,000 frame per second, Dyna-Flash projector developed by the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory in Tokyo.

The tiny glowing dots attached to the dancer’s faces allow them to be tracked in real time so that the overlays created by the projector perfectly match their movements and facial expressions. The sensors require just milliseconds to process those movements, and then warp and distort the projected images to perfectly match them, which is fast enough to hide any delays from the human eye. So how long before we’re all wearing projected clothing?

[Vimeo via Hypebeast]



The weirdest thing is that they have their eyes closed the whole time. The unblinking eyes you see are projected onto their eyelids.