When the Colt revolver was introduced it made the antiquated musket instantly obsolete because it could quickly fire six shots in a row without having to reload. So you can think of BOOMco’s new Dynamag as kind of like the Colt revolver of the dart blaster world because it uses BOOMco’s clever clip system to allow you to fire shot after shot as quickly as you can cock and pull the trigger.

It’s not the first BOOMco blaster to fire multiple shots, or even use these clips, but it is the first that can be held and fired in one hand. And it’s all manually operated and works without the need for a single battery. Out of the box the Dynamag comes with a short-six-shot clip, but that can be swapped for the larger twently-shot clip, or...

...the massive BOOMco 40-shot clip. Going this route will certainly make it easier to take down a room full of opponents, but it will also throw off the balance and weighting of this blaster, making it difficult to use single-handedly. However, it’s nice to know you have the option should you find yourself severely out-numbered.


Update: During their testing of the Dynamag, the folks over at Blaster Labs found that while the larger 20 and 40-shot clips did work in the blaster, they also tended to fall out due to their weight. Apparently Mattel is already aware of the design issues responsible for the problem, and are hoping to remedy it in future product runs. But the versions on store shelves right now presumably all suffer from this same issue.

At just $15 the Dynamag makes for a great entry to the BOOMco line. It’s not the brand’s most powerful blaster, but it shows off Mattel’s clever engineering and drive to produce something truly unique to Hasbro’s Nerf toys—and it’s absolutely exceeding there. [BOOMco]

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