Darth Vader Wii, Please Don't Buy it Now for $15,000

Illustration for article titled Darth Vader Wii, Please Don't Buy it Now for $15,000

The Star Wars Vader Edition Wii is pretty hot. While we could honestly do without the Star Wars theme in our living rooms (at least while company visits), the black finish and corresponding red LED gives us visions of just how good a touch of the dark side could be for the Nintendo Wii. Screw cute, family friendly pastels. We want coal, blood and steel. And we want it to spew raw meat for our ingestion. Oh, and it'd be nice if it didn't cost $15,000.


To be fair, that's just the "buy it now" price...which maybe for this one listing should be renamed "I think Star Wars fans are both geeky AND stupid and/or I wanted to get good publicity" price. But you could (and will) end up snagging it for far less since there's no reserve. It also includes Wii Play ($10 value) and they've gone through the trouble of painting not one but two Wiimotes and nunchuks "Vader" black ($14,740 value). Well in that case, here's my Paypal. [ebay via technabob]


The Wii Remotes also have a 1 and 2 button, not x and y like they show too, but I guess they could have re-fabbed the remote (including different power button), but seems iffy. I like how they say it comes with a black sensor bar—all Wii's do.