David Duchovny Reveals His Favorite Type Of X-Files Fan Fiction

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In an interview with the NY Times Magazine to promote his new novel, Holy Cow, David Duchovny also entertained some literary-themed X-Files questions. And by “literary,” we mean fan fiction. What the erstwhile Fox Mulder had to say about it was quite surprising.

There is a lot of Mulder-Scully fan fiction, and some of it is pretty “Red Shoe Diaries,” if you know what I mean.

You’re using all my work against me. When “X-Files” was kind of in its heyday, that was the beginning of the Internet. I was very skeptical and thought, This thing will never last. My favorite was the fan fiction that had Alex Krycek, my nemesis, and me as lovers. It was beautiful.

The interview also took on the tin foil hat brigade, though the only intel it ended up exposing was Duchovny’s self-deprecating sense of humor.

Do conspiracy theorists still seek you out? It’s been a while since somebody tried to get me information that just had to get out. I have received some letters about abductions in my day that were sad and interesting.

Are there any episodes of “The X-Files” that haunt you in particular? Oh, no, no, just my acting in some of the early ones affects me to this day. I wish that they would be destroyed.


Alas, the piece yielded no inside info on the possible X-Files revival.


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