Day-Glo Fireworks, Dances With Apes, and a Plane Landing Goes Crunch

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Roll that spliff phatly, pack some fresh ice into the binger, and set the Volcano to "toastify." It's time for tonight's Stoner Channel. We've collected our best high-times material for the discerning pothead so sit back, relax, and pass that shit on the left, yo.

Tonight's "just the tip" OG come from an anonymous reader

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Planet of the Apes Dance Party

Take your stinking paws to the dance floor, you damned dirty apes!

This video was put together by Vimeo user Brad Hasse who explains his motivations as "I like apes and monkeys, I like classic movies like this one, I like dance music, I like Benny Benassi, and I used to like glowsticks when I was 19... so I made this video."

Who Knew Daytime Fireworks Could Be Just As Mesmerizing?

Cai Guo-Qiang's art goes up in smoke.

Watch This RC Top Gun Pilot His Helicopter Through Impossible Maneuvers

Carl Groover gets silly on an RC helicopter. Someone get this guy on a drone ASAP.

Mastodon - Leviathan

So this guy, Sam Abbott, plays the entire Leviathan album from Mastodon. On a piano. In one take. Flawlessly. It's classic Mastodon played classically—absolutely incredible.

Giant Spider Terrorizes Space Shuttle and Anchorwoman

OK fine, so the Chilean UFO might have just been a bug. But if that's true, how do you explain this massive spider attacking the space shuttle?


48 Minutes of Itchy and Scratchy

Let the meta compilations of minor Simpsons characters begin. Seriously, this is nearly an hour of clips from characters that were on screen for maybe seven seconds at a time. Maybe the Simpsons has been around too long.

This Is the Scariest Way to Land a Jet

Landing gear? Hell naw!

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Are You a Green Gardener?

Care to show off your handiwork to the Internets? If so, we want pics of your best buds, your highest-tech setups, and your bushiest bushes. Send images—960x540 minimum but we prefer 1600x900—of your legal stashes (no High Times ripoffs please) to atarantola at and we'll feature the best at the top each night's Stoner Channel. Put "The Stoner Channel" in the subject line while you're at it.


And no, for the last time, we aren't interested in seeing your wicked meth lab setup Jerry. Stop it or we're calling the fuzz.

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Alex Devlin

I know that pot is legal in some places and there is a strong group of people trying to legalize it. But what does it have to do with tech and gadgets? I have friends whose kids read Giz for tech info and they don't need to be reading about pot and it's uses. Could we please cut out the drug articles or at least move them to a separate forum on Giz? You can still link to the story from a headline, but it will keep the drug stuff off the main page when the kids are reading it.

Or do you have a way to filter the stories shown on the main page by #tags? That way I can filter all NSFW and NSF kids stories so I don't have to worry what they're reading when they're searching for info about the next cell phone they want.