Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths | Announcement | DC

Like all big comic events, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths will receive tie-in issues, and new ones were revealed at the DC panel. A Swamp Thing one-shot is coming from Williamson, plus artist Daniel Bayliss and writers Ram V, Alex Paknadel, and Dan Watters. Another miniseries, War Zone, will focus on Linda Park and Iris West during the chaos on the ground floor and provide a more human perspective. Its full creative team wasn’t revealed, but among that group will be writers Jeremy Adams and Stephanie Williams.


Exactly what the full title means for Dark Crisis’ story remains unclear, but Williamson promised some “intense moments” in the remaining issues of the seven-issue event. “It’s going to be a roller coaster...including team-ups that you won’t see coming and a fight scene that is probably one of the more emotional moments I’ve ever written for DC.”

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Image: Daniel Sampere & Alejandro Sánchez/DC Comics

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths will continue with issue three, releasing on August 2.

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