DC's Live Action Heroes Combine in this Awesome Fan Made Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer

Crisis on Infinite Earths—the epic 1985 DC comics saga brought together disparate heroes across DC’s vast multiverse, and eventually smooshed it all together into a single line of continuity. But now we actually have enough live action adaptations of DC’s heroes for this pretty rad fan mashup, in the style of Crisis.


This brilliant trailer for Justice League: Crisis from YouTuber UltraSargent uses The Flash’s recent overarching story around the existence of alternate Earths as a frame to splice together with footage from not just contemporary DC projects like Arrow and Supergirl, or movies like Man of Steel and The Dark Knight but DC adaptations of all sorts—from the original Flash TV show in the ’90s, to Christopher Reeve’s Superman, even ahead to Batman v Superman. It all works surprisingly well, and makes you hope that just maybe, someday, DC will bring the idea of the multiverse into its live action shows in a big way, to tie all these largely separate worlds together.

Otherwise, at least that awesome recent fan poster that did a similar thing has a pretty great teaser trailer to go with it now.

[H/T Joshua Perry]



Very cool, but . . . .

No Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman?