DDOS Attack Against Facebook, Twitter, Et Al. Was Because of One Guy's LiveJournal

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According to a Facebook executive, the target of today's DDOS attacks on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, YouTube and other social media sites was one pro-Georgian blogger going by the username of "Cyxym." No word as to who was behind the attack.


Earlier today several competing social networks banded together to fight the DDOS attacks on their respective properties. Google and Facebook were able to keep the effects minimal while Twitter and others suffered periodic outages and severe slowness through out the day.

Max Kelly, chief security officer at Facebook, explained that the attack specifically targeted Cyxym, and was directed toward websites which he frequented or on which he held accounts, including his LiveJournal, where we find the first suggestion that there was a big target painted on his virtual back:

Cyxymu's LiveJournal page wasn't accessible, but a cached version showed that it was updated on Thursday with a message about the denial of service (DOS) attacks on his accounts on the US-based sites. "Now it's obvious it's a special attack against me and Georgians," the message in Russian said.


There is no word on exactly who was behind this attack and Kelly declined to speculate. But we wonder: Did Cyxym have a Gizmodo commenter account too or was the DDOS attack on Gawker Media an entirely unrelated coincidence? [CNET]

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We really should convince the rabidly patriotic Russian hackers that the rabidly patriotic North Korean hackers and rabidly patriotic Chinese hackers are out to hack their shit. And sit back with popcorn.

But seriously, isn't it kind of pathetic that all the countries with closed presses have their own personal volunteer hacker armies taking down some of the largest sites on the net, and the closest we've got is 4chan?