Dead Ant Pits an '80s Hair Metal Band Against Giant Killer Ants

Giant killer ants are on the loose in Dead Ant.
Giant killer ants are on the loose in Dead Ant.
Photo: Cinedigm

You’ve seen movies with hair metal bands, and you’ve seen movies with giant killer monsters. But what happens when a hair metal band fights giant killer monsters? You get Dead Ant.


Dead Ant follows the members of has-been band on the way to Coachella who decide to take mushrooms at Joshua Tree for inspiration. From there, let’s just say...things do not go well. The film stars, drumroll please, Tom Arnold, Sean Astin, Sydney Sweeney, Rhys Coiro, and Jake Flipping Busey. Here’s the trailer, which starts a little slow—but don’t give up on it.

That’s about as B-movie as you get right there. And we’re kind of into it.

Written and directed by Ron Carlson, Dead Ant comes to theaters, on-demand, and digital HD on January 25.

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I’m so old not a single article about this trailer has mentioned that it’s a Pink Panther joke.

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